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Ron Petronella Elite Goalie Academy

We work with goaltenders on all fundamentals needed to enhance their game no matter what level or age.


We believe that goalies should be taught all skills required to play the position. The more tools
you have in your belt the better equipped you will be able to reach the next level.

3 Basic Fundamentals

1) Skating
2) Preparation
3) Execution

Each one is covered extensively and combined so that the goalie understands how all 3 work together.

1) Skating- The type of skating a goalie does differs from the other players. Goalies
need to have the balance of a figure skating and the agility of a forward. These two criteria
are covered through a variety of specialized drills designed to accomplish both.

2) Preparation- Goalies spend only a minute or so stopping the puck through the course of
a game. The majority of his time is spent preparing to stop the puck. How to prepare to be 
in the right place at the right time is what separates good goalies from great ones.

3) Execution- There are two types of saves ; Blocking Saves and Reaction Saves
We explain and train goalies on how they differ and when they are used.

We hold camps, clinics, and private sessions all year long in the Long Island and Metro NY area.  Check out camps and clinics page form more information.  Or Contact us.

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